Participate in Bailiwick Chicago shows & events!After you’ve seen a show (or heck, before if you’re feeling feisty), we invite you to participate in our company for us to get to know you a little better. For professional actors we offer regular auditions for our productions. If you’re not an actor, but you’d still like to get involved with our theater, consider signing up for our new Volunteer Program! And if you’re looking to become involved with Bailiwick Chicago on a deeper level, we have rewarding internship programs available as well as occasional job openings. Any way we can engage and work with you after the show ends, we’d love to do it.


From helping out at a fun event to striking a show, from folding programs to ushering at shows, we can use your help! We would love to add you to our team of friendly Bailiwick Chicago volunteers. It’s 100% voluntary and a great way to get out, meet new people and get to know us at Bailiwick Chicago, because we’d really love to get to know you!

Join our Volunteer Program today and let’s work together to create great theater in Chicago!


Welcome! You’re here because you are interested in interning and growing as a professional member of the Chicago Theater Community at large! Interning at Bailiwick Chicago is designed to provide an authentic, career-broadening experience to the qualified college and graduate students.

Bailiwick Chicago seeks those with passion, professionalism and a strong sense personal accountability.The dynamic workload and digital office environment require that interns be highly motivated, energetic and self-reliant. At this time internship opportunities are still evolving into specific jobs but we encourage you to submit your application, a personal note of your own passions for theater and what you feel it takes “to make it!” to your next level in the meantime. Please consider the areas of:

  • Arts Administration
  • Marketing/Promotions
  • Development
  • Ticketing/Box Office
  • Production

A personal interview is required as part of the final selection process but first you must submit!

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There are no jobs available at this time. Please check back soon–there will be some soon!

There are no auditions at this time. To be notified of upcoming auditions, please join our mailing list.

Due to an amazing (and may we say overwhelming!) amount of new works we’ve received, we are no longer accepting new submissions at this time. Please check back in a few months to see if we’ve caught up with our reading!