Bailiwick Chicago Mission:

Bailiwick Chicago is a non-profit professional company with a mission to produce contemporary musicals and plays, reinvent classic musicals, and develop new work, while sharing a powerful and authentic theatrical experience. We celebrate and engage our community through diverse programming, artistic partnerships and outreach opportunities.

A Little About Us:

Bailiwick Chicago is a theatre company that was formed by a group of dedicated actors, directors, and production professionals after Bailiwick Repertory Theater closed its doors in September 2009. This group is the artistic ensemble responsible for the artistic mission and vision of the company. In our first five seasons, our company garnered 77 awards and nominations and received critical acclaim for our innovative Chicago productions. We have a very clear vision for this company, and very attainable goals: we want to be known for doing consistently great work while still taking risks, and enriching the lives of both those who do our shows and those who view our shows.

Our Core Values:

  • We choose to produce projects that inspire and compel us as a group, balanced with the interests and desires of our patrons, with a special emphasis on Chicago premieres.
  • We focus our efforts on the telling of the story above spectacle. While large budgets are great, ingenuity and resourcefulness are even better.
  • We actively seek opportunities to workshop, develop and produce new works by new playwrights and composers, particularly local Chicagoans and younger artists.
  • We build partnerships with arts organizations and nonprofit groups to create cultural bridges and expand our audience network.
  • We embrace this era of multimedia and online distribution, seeking to incorporate aspects of it in operations, productions, marketing, communications, and fundraising.
  • We create specific experiences for our patrons and audiences, from the moment they hear about the show through when they leave the theater.
  • We remain affordable and accessible to our audiences.
  • We create and maintain good relationships with artists by providing a safe, nurturing, and artistically creative environment for all to grow.
  • We manage our operations with fiscal and social responsibility.

Bailiwick Chicago is in no way affiliated with Bailiwick Repertory Theater, which is now dissolved. Bailiwick Chicago is a newly formed corporation with not-for-profit 501(c)(3) status.