Your Theater Outreach Ad will appear right here on our homepage, and you can link it to your site or directly to ticket sales!

Theater Outreach Ads

Your ad appears at the top of our homepage!

Your ad appears at the top of our homepage!


If you are a Not-for-Profit theater company in the Chicagoland area, we invite you to receive one week of prime ad placement at the top of our home page for free. As part of our initiative to Pass It On, we want to offer as much support to our Chicago theater community as we can, and we don’t ask anything in return.

Each Chicagoland theater company can sign up for one week of placement, per event. That means you can do it once for each show that you produce, and you can also do it once for each fundraising or social event you may have.

In order to sign up, fill out the form below and submit – Your ad will be placed based on availability (first come, first served). Simple, easy, and totally free. We hope you’ll participate in this outreach initiative, and we look forward to seeing your next show or attending your next event!

Ads may be text of up to 35 words, or a graphic (980 x 51, 72dpi, <25kb).