Thank you

WOW! We here at Bailiwick Chicago are BLOWN away. With two weeks still to go, we’ve made our goal. And it’s all because of all the amazing people who have generously supported this project. Thank you thank you thank you. We had no idea that Kickstarter could be such an effective tool. And clearly, PASSING STRANGE is stoking passion and excitement. We couldn’t be more excited.

We can hardly wait to bring this show to Chicago audiences.

Since we still have two weeks before the campaign concludes (no, we are unable to end it early… that’s a Kickstarter rule), we’re going to KEEP PUSHING FORWARD. Because now everything OVER the $5,500 goes to our other two shows in 2011, VIOLET and THE NORTH / SOUTH PLAYS. Everything we raise will decrease our fundraising needs later this year, which is just amazing.

So please spread the word… let’s use these two weeks to take it to $10,000!!!

Thank you thank you thank you AGAIN!


Kevin Mayes, Executive Director

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